Royal Oak Bowls was formed on 1st September 2017 when Onehunga Bowling Club and Hillsboro Bowling Club merged.

Hillsboro Bowling Club

Hillsboro Bowling Club was established in 1925 and for the next 94 years was recognised and respected as one of the most prestigious and successful clubs in New Zealand. Its players won scores of Auckland, Regional and National titles right up to their final season 2016-17 during which they totally dominated the Auckland Centre. Like most clubs over the years, they increasingly suffered loss of membership and particularly lack of participation by the members they still had. It was recognised and accepted by the Executive and Members that the best way forward was to join forces with the Onehunga Bowling Club (long time rivals) who were in a similar position and create ‘Royal Oak Bowls’.

Onehunga Bowling Club

Onehunga Bowling Club was founded in 1901. Its early membership was lead by prominent businessmen from the local and inner Auckland City region. From the 1930's the playing membership was blessed with many top flight bowlers who were successful at National and Centre level, winning numerous titles. The club also had members who represented New Zealand at World, Empire, and Commonwealth Games with great success and distinction from that period until recent times. It is with renewed vigour that we approach this new chapter in the combined Club's history. May the successes enjoyed in the past from within and on the greens long continue.